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A Closer Look at the Green Flash Phenomenon at Sunset

=== INTRO:
The green flash is an elusive phenomenon that occurs seconds before the sun sets, and has been captivating viewers since at least the 16th century. It’s an optical illusion that is only visible when the conditions are perfect, and it causes a seemingly magical green burst of light near the horizon line. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the green flash phenomenon and examine the rare sight of the green flash at sunset.

Unveiling the Mystery of the Green Flash

The green flash is an atmospheric phenomenon that happens just before the sun sets. It’s an atypical burst of green light that appears for a few seconds at the horizon line. It’s caused by the refraction of light from the sun as it passes through various layers of the atmosphere. The light waves that create the green flash are split into different colors and scattered in a spectrum, with the green spectrum being highly visible.

The green flash isn’t always visible, as it requires perfect atmospheric conditions, such as a flat horizon line and a few moments of clear air between the sun and the observer. It’s most commonly seen in coastal areas, since the presence of a horizon line is necessary for the sun’s light rays to be refracted. It’s estimated that the green flash is only visible 1-2% of the time when the sun is setting.

Examining the Rare Sight of the Green Flash at Sunset

The green flash is a rare occurrence, and seeing the phenomenon can be a surreal experience. People usually report seeing a beam of green light that lasts for just a few seconds before dissolving. It’s said to have a “triangular spike” shape, with an inner core of green and a gradual fading out at the edges.

In some cases, viewers might also report seeing a “green afterglow” that follows the green flash. This is caused by the sun’s light rays being scattered by different atmospheric conditions, and it appears as a faint green haze that lasts for a few seconds. The green afterglow is a less common occurrence, but it’s possible to see if the conditions are right.

=== OUTRO:
The green flash phenomenon has been captivating viewers ever since its first recorded sighting in the 16th century. It’s a rare occurrence, and it’s only visible when the conditions are just right. Seeing the green flash can be an unforgettable experience, and it’s a reminder of the power of nature.


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