Indian-American Shamina Singh: A Trailblazing Leader Appointed to President Biden’s Export Council

In a groundbreaking move, US President Joe Biden has appointed Shamina Singh, a prominent Indian-American business leader, to the prestigious President’s Export Council. As the Founder and President of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, Shamina Singh brings decades of global experience and a passion for creating inclusive prosperity to her new role. Let’s delve into the remarkable journey of this trailblazing leader and discover her contributions to fostering international trade and economic growth.

A Passion for Prosperity: Shamina Singh’s Appointment to the President’s Export Council

Shamina Singh’s appointment to the President’s Export Council is a testament to her extraordinary leadership and commitment to promoting economic growth. The council, acting as the principal national advisory committee on international trade, plays a pivotal role in shaping US trade policies and fostering productive dialogues across various sectors.

A Distinguished Career in Public Service

Shamina Singh’s illustrious career spans senior positions in both the White House and the US House of Representatives. She has consistently championed public service and served as the Executive Director of the first President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Her dedication to public service earned her a six-year term on the board of AmeriCorps, where she also served as chair for two years.

A Vision for Inclusive Growth

As the Executive Vice President of Sustainability at Mastercard, Shamina Singh’s vision for inclusive growth led to the creation of the Mastercard Impact Fund. With an initial investment of USD 500 million, this philanthropic endeavor aims to advance financial inclusion and inclusive growth worldwide. Shamina’s unique social impact model leverages the strengths of the public and private sectors, unlocking opportunities for underrepresented communities.

Advancing Economic Interests Across the Globe

Shamina Singh firmly believes that effective cross-sector partnerships can unlock boundless opportunities for economic advancement. Drawing on her extensive global experience, she has been a driving force in creating impactful collaborations between governments, industries, and communities. Her approach emphasizes the catalytic impact that such partnerships can have on global economic interests.

Advancing Social Impact: Shamina Singh’s Leadership at Mastercard

Shamina Singh’s contributions to social impact extend far beyond her role as the Founder and President of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth. As an Executive Vice President of Sustainability at Mastercard, she has been at the forefront of driving initiatives that prioritize environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Under her guidance, Mastercard has implemented sustainable business practices, demonstrating that a global corporation can be both profitable and socially conscious.

Singh’s commitment to financial inclusion has been instrumental in breaking down barriers for marginalized communities. Through the Mastercard Impact Fund, she has spearheaded efforts to provide financial tools and resources to underserved populations worldwide. This unwavering dedication to leveling the playing field has positively impacted countless lives, empowering individuals to access economic opportunities and build a more prosperous future.

A Voice for Diversity and Inclusion

Throughout her career, Shamina Singh has been a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in corporate settings. As a prominent Indian-American woman, she understands the importance of diverse perspectives and experiences in shaping equitable policies and fostering innovation. In her various leadership roles, Singh has championed the inclusion of underrepresented groups, both within Mastercard and in the broader business community.

By co-chairing the Ad Council of America’s Advisory Committee on Public Issues, Singh actively promotes the development and execution of campaigns that address pressing social challenges. Her passion for positive change extends to her advisory board positions at the Aspen Institute Civil Society Fellowship and the New York Department of Financial Services Innovation, where she works to create environments that foster social progress and economic growth.

Shaping the Future: Singh’s Role in Education and Mentorship

Recognizing the transformative power of education, Shamina Singh has been involved in mentoring programs and initiatives that empower the next generation of leaders. As a role model for aspiring professionals, she continues to inspire young minds to pursue careers that drive social impact and economic advancement.

Through her involvement with academic institutions, Singh has played a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape. Her insights and expertise have informed strategies for promoting inclusive growth and equipping students with the skills needed to navigate an ever-evolving global economy.

The Vision for Global Prosperity

As Shamina Singh assumes her role on the President’s Export Council, her vision for global prosperity comes into sharper focus. With her unparalleled expertise in inclusive growth and cross-sector collaboration, she is poised to make a substantial impact on international trade policies.

Her emphasis on building bridges between the public and private sectors will be instrumental in fostering economic cooperation among nations. By advocating for policies that prioritize sustainable development and equitable opportunities, Singh aims to create a more interconnected and resilient global economy.

A Commitment to Education and Personal Growth

Shamina Singh’s pursuit of excellence in education is as remarkable as her professional achievements. Having studied at prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and the Indian School of Business, she has honed her expertise in fostering inclusive prosperity. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Old Dominion University and a Master of Public Affairs from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, Austin. Both institutions have recognized her contributions with the Alumni of Distinction award.


Shamina Singh’s appointment to the President’s Export Council marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of inclusive economic growth. Her remarkable journey from distinguished academic institutions to transformative public service exemplifies her commitment to creating lasting prosperity for communities in the US and around the world. As she takes on this vital role, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact she will have on shaping international trade policies and fostering collaboration across sectors.

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