Saudis Are So Rich They Are Gifting Footballers Rolexes for Playing Well

Saudi Arabia is a country with a lot of money. In fact, it is the richest country in the world per capita. This wealth has allowed Saudi Arabian clubs to become major players in the world of football in recent years. They have been able to attract some of the biggest names in the game with their lavish salaries and signing bonuses.

One of the ways that Saudi Arabian clubs have shown their wealth is by gifting expensive watches to players. In a recent match, a fan gifted Fabinho, a Liverpool player, a Rolex watch for playing well. The video of the incident went viral, and it sparked renewed debate about the financial power of Saudi Arabian clubs.

Why Are Saudi Arabian Clubs So Rich?

There are a few reasons why Saudi Arabian clubs are so rich. First, the country has a lot of oil money. Oil is a very valuable commodity, and it has made Saudi Arabia one of the richest countries in the world. Second, the Saudi government is very supportive of football. They have invested heavily in the sport, and they have created a number of incentives for clubs to sign top players.

The Impact of Saudi Arabian Money on Football

The influx of Saudi Arabian money has had a significant impact on football. It has led to an increase in the salaries of players, and it has made it easier for clubs to sign top talent. This has led to a more competitive playing field, and it has made football more exciting for fans.

However, the Saudi money has also been controversial. Some people believe that it is unfair for clubs to be able to spend so much money on players. They argue that this gives them an unfair advantage, and it makes it difficult for smaller clubs to compete.

The Rolex Revelation

Nestled within the heart of Saudi football’s grandeur is a trend that has ignited both fascination and bewilderment: the gifting of Rolex watches to players. Picture this – a jubilant fan approaches Fabinho, star midfielder of Liverpool, and bestows upon him a Rolex as a token of appreciation for a stellar performance.

Captured in a jaw-dropping video, the moment encapsulates the essence of Saudi extravagance.

Top 5 Gifts from Saudis to Footballers

The mesmerizing spectacle of a Rolex glinting on a player’s wrist reflects an enthralling fusion of sportsmanship and luxury. For years, European footballers have been showered with acclaim and bonuses, but the allure of a Rolex gifted directly by a fan introduces a new dimension. This inexplicable trend showcases the lengths fans are willing to go to display their admiration.

1. Expensive Watches

One of the most common gifts that Saudi clubs give to players is expensive watches. In 2021, a fan gifted Fabinho, a Liverpool player, a Rolex watch for playing well. The watch was worth over £20,000.

2. Luxury Cars

Another popular gift from Saudi clubs is luxury cars. In 2020, Al Nassr gifted Carlos Eduardo, a Brazilian footballer, a brand new Bentley Continental GT. The car was worth over £200,000.

3. Private Jets

Some Saudi clubs have even been known to gift players private jets. In 2019, Al Hilal gifted Odion Ighalo, a Nigerian footballer, a private jet. The jet was worth over £30 million.

4. Mansions

In addition to cars and watches, Saudi clubs have also been known to gift players mansions. In 2018, Al Nassr gifted Luciano Vietto, an Argentine footballer, a mansion worth over £10 million.

5. Golden Phones

One of the most unique gifts that Saudi clubs have given to players is a golden phone. In 2017, Al Nassr gifted Mohammed al-Sahlawi, a Saudi footballer, a golden iPhone. The phone was worth over £100,000.

The Future of Saudi Arabian Football

The future of Saudi Arabian football is uncertain. It is possible that the country will continue to invest heavily in the sport, and it could become a major force in world football. However, it is also possible that the Saudi government will lose interest in football, and the country’s clubs will struggle to compete with European clubs.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Saudi Arabian football. However, one thing is for sure: the country is making its mark on the sport, and it is sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

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