The Ultimate Bitcoin HODL

Old Bitcoin on the MOVE!

Some old coins moved today (100 BTC from June 2010). It’s very rare to see pre-GPU era bitcoins move, it only happened dozens of times in the past few years. And no, it’s probably not Satoshi.

Source: @khannib

Was is worth it?

Hmm. So, let’s see. Assuming a cubicle is a very nice prison, 40 hours a week, 52 weeks per year is 2080 hours per year, times 40 years is 83200 hours. Versus: 8766hrs in a year, so 11 10 years of 24×7 is 87660 hours.

The average income in the US is around $50k per year, times 40 years is $2 million. So, basically this is roughly equivalent to putting all your life’s work hours in at once, except you don’t have to do any actual work (in my country anyway), you get room and board paid for the whole time saving a shit ton of money you’d have spent on living expenses. You get to retire 30 years early, and end up making two and a half times more than the average person does in a lifetime of working 40 hours a week.

I mean, jail probably sucks and stuff, but still, like pretty much everyone gives away more of their life for less.

Verylobsterlike Redditor

Edit: I’ve just realized I multiplied by 10 years, not 11. That’d be 96426 hours. So that’s a big difference, but my point still stands. That’s like 46 years of 40 hour weeks instead of 42, but I’d wager no one actually retires at 60 these days anyway, so yeah.

Edit2: And of course this isn’t even counting the fact that in this hypothetical situation you’d end up with a lump sum at the end. Just sitting in a savings account with 1% interest would give you $50k per year forever. At that point even if you completely suck at investing you can live comfortably for the rest of your life without working or spending the principal 5mil.

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